CALL for ENTRY: Now Closed

…a National Exhibit through CaFE ( for Works of Fluid Media

October 29 – November 21, 2021


Bill Lane – Jurist: Overall, I am blown away by the works I see hanging in this exhibition “Let it Flow”. The pieces are all so good that it made my job extremely difficult. Your interpretation of the theme is both entertaining and compelling. From realism to abstract, you’ve covered all the bases. You and the Wickford Art Association should be very proud of your talent and mastery of your medium.

FIRST PLACE – Confrontation by Maria Pazos
Using a limited and sophisticated palette, the artist created a striking composition which, to me,
best answers the theme “Let it Flow!” I gasped on first walk through which, to me, speaks
volumes about the feeling of the painting.

SECOND PLACE – Alice’s Garden by Sandra Richard
What a lovely scene this artist captured! Utilizing bold colors and strong values, the artist
composed a delightful representation of an intimate garden.

THIRD PLACE – Abstraction Flows Naturally by Gregory Ames
As a watercolorist, painting flowing water over riverbed boulders and down a waterfall is a
supreme challenge. This artist nailed it with crisp fall colors, fluid water patterns and a reflected
sky that says beautiful day…like the painting!

Honorable Mention 1 – La Deluge (The Flood) by Heather Milliman
Strong composition, bold colors and magnificent use of white space creates an extremely striking
painting. The red circle compliments the teal shapes so well that I get the feeling of a magical
island surrounded by calm waters.

Honorable Mention 2 – Tempest by Linda King – The combination of mixed media in this piece captures the essence of rocks and sea. The three-
dimensional texture adds the perfect technique for describing fluid water.

Judge’s Award 1 – River’s Edge by Mary Wojciechowski
This limited palette, poured painting is a treat for the eyes. The thoughtful representation of
trees and shore contradicts the technique of pouring. Nice job!

Judge’s Award 2 – Hydrangea Trio by Joan Croce
Watercolor at its best – strong composition, well-placed values and a soft palette. Just try and
paint hydrangeas successfully, I dare you. Wow!

Notification of Acceptance
Submitted works have been reviewed by our jurist and accepted artist were notified by e-mail by September 3, 2021.  Artists are asked to fully prepare works for presentation following our Exhibit Registration Guidelines.

WAA retains 30% on all sales by member exhibitors, 40% on all sales by non-member exhibitors.

All work should be collected on Monday: November 22 (noon-4pm), Tuesday: November 23 (noon-6pm) or Wednesday: November 24 (noon-6pm).  All unsold work from out-of-state will be shipped back to artists the week of November 22, 2021.

Bill Lane –

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Registration is now closed and accepted artists/works have been notified. The following supplemental artist info can be submitted through 10/31/21.