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Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Association shall be to educate, encourage and inspire its membership, the local arts community and the general public and to promote fine arts in the community.

Annual Meeting

Board Meeting
The NEXT Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday – September 19, 2023 at 5:30 PM
Learn about your organization, meet your incoming Board of Directors!
All WAA members in good standing are invited to vote on the proposed 2022-2023 slate of Board of Directors.

Revised WAA Bylaws – September 2022




The Beginning of Wickford Art Association

In 1961, a sidewalk art show was first planned in the town of Wickford, Rhode Island, an effort led by Robert MacMeehan and Pearl Marsh. The success of this show led to the establishment of the Wickford Art Festival in 1962. The first festival was so favorable that visitors and exhibitors encouraged the local artists to form an association. That year, the Wickford Art Association was founded to promote Wickford as a center for the arts as the town was a common meeting place for many South County artists.

Local artists founded the Wickford Art Association to promote Wickford by encouraging the production, exhibition and sale of works of art. Its charter members were Louise Cashman, John Huszer, Ronnie Loring, Olive MacIver, Robert MacMeehan, Gilbert Rodman and Irene Sulley.  In 1969 the Wickford Art Association was incorporated and granted federal 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization in 1970.  In May of 1989 the Wickford Art Association Gallery at 36 Beach Street was dedicated.

Since 1962, the Wickford Art Association has produced the Wickford Art Festival, which has ranked top 10 in the country and No. 1 in New England for best art festival. It hosts up to 250 fine artists from around the world.

As the promoter of the arts, Wickford Art Association awards annual scholarships to high school seniors around the state. To date thousands have been dispersed to these deserving emerging artists.

The Wickford Art Association gallery hosts monthly exhibits, hosts lectures, demonstrations, and small concerts too.  There are plenty of cutting edge and interesting classes offered, which are available to the public as well as artist-members.  The gallery is open with free admission and parking.

The WAA Team



  • Guy Cassaday
  • Stephen DiNobile
  • Larisa Martino
  • Marisa Lonkart
  • Brendan McCarthy
  • Mia Thompson


Committees and Chairs/Team-Leaders

  • Exhibit Hanging Committee: Tory Corey, Trish Hurley, Karen Houston, Marisa Lonkart, Diane Heilig
  • Scholarship Committee: Stephen DiNobile and Betty Ann Kearney
  • Nomination Committee: Stephen DiNoble, Chair
  • Personnel Committee: Stephen DiNobile
  • Festival Committees: Brian O’Malley
  • Membership Committee: Diane Heilig, Chair
  • Building Improvements Committee: Guy Cassaday, Chair
  • Fundraising Committee: Stephen DiNobile and Betty Ann Kearney, Co-Chair
  • 60th Anniversary Planning Committee: Betty Ann Kearney & Diane Heilig, Co-Chair

Ad Hoc Committees

  • By-laws Committee
  • Search Committees
  • Strategic Planning: Jeff Potter