Jan Armor
Saturdays, September 16 – 30
9am – 11am (3 classes)

In these three workshop sessions I will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone camera AND offer suggestions on how to process your images.

You will learn:
How to make better pictures with your iPhone, images that can be enjoyed in many ways.
Create stunning landscape and architecture photos with your iPhone.
How to make good macro (close up) photographs with your iPhone.
How to make unobtrusive candid images of life on the “street.”
Capture photos in the dark of night and photos that are alive.
Use selected camera apps to extend control over your iPhone.
How to sync to the “cloud” (both Apple and/or Google clouds)
so your pictures are available across all your devices.
Discover many hidden features in the amazing Apple “Photos” app.
How to move, share and save pictures that you receive via email, text
or from oldies on your computer. Move images back and forth from iPhone to iPad to computer.
Find out about available gear and gadgets that can make your mobile life easier.

For information about Jan Armor go to ArmorPhoto.com

$105 Members $135 Non-members