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Ann Bianchi
August 29
"Discover your artistic self while sharing in this fun hands-on abstract painting class. Let’s share a little abstract and oil history to start, feel inspired by favorite colors and enjoy creating a unique piece of artwork. Allow your...
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Brett Swanson
Sunday, September 17
"After being shown a tutorial on the comic book creative process involving Shapes, Objects, Figures, and Layout, students begin with drawing basic shapes, and progress to objects and figures followed by layout. We will talk about...
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Jeneane Lunn
September 23 - October 21
Working outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors from photos we will paint in either oils or acrylics or both to create landscapes in the impressionist tradition that have the look of plein air. This class is...
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Suzanne Lewis
October 1
Printing with Styrofoam plates is not just for kids! I will teach you how to make colorful and sophisticated prints from this simple material which you can “carve” with a ball point pen, ink up and make multiple...
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Mary Wojciechowski
September 29
Alcohol inks, highly pigmented and quick drying, differ from other fluid mediums as they flow, intermingle and create distinctive textures, often with unexpected results. One of the benefits of painting with alcohol inks is the opportunity to begin...
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Sarah Hirsch
September 20 - October 18
Explore oil painting and learn to see colors everywhere! We will begin with some color theory and composition foundations, working with mixing exercises and still life. From there, we will move onto students’ choice of...
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Jan Armor
September 16-30
"In these three workshop sessions I will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone camera AND offer suggestions on how to process your images. You will learn: How to make better pictures with your iPhone,...
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Diane Brown
September 25 - October 2
During the first 4-hour class the artists will create six 10-1/2” paintings. The class will begin with a demonstration of the Oil & Cold Wax Medium. Artists will learn to mix oil paint with cold...
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Ann Bianchi
September 12 - 26
"Take your sketches and drawings to the next level and develop them into beautiful Acrylic Paintings of Autumn Themes which express your individual preferences and sizes. Enjoy painting from a variety of still life displays and...
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Patricia Cheyne
September 20 - October 4
In this workshop you will have an opportunity to experiment with all sorts of skills and materials. We will be using fabrics, tools for making marks, photo transfers, hand stitches, rust dying and many...
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Lisa May
September 11, 13, 15
Have you ever wanted to create a sculpture, but bronze, stone or metal weren’t materials easily available? In this workshop you will be able to realize your dream of making a 3 dimensional artwork using a...
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Jane Robbins
September 12 - October 10
This class is focused on soft pastel’s remarkable potential for “capturing the light.” Working from your own references and through a variety of exercises, we’ll use color, value, underpainting methods, layering, and temperature to generate...
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