Betsey MacDonald
Tuesdays, January 17 – February 7
9 AM – 12 Noon (4 classes)
I’m A Materials Girl! I use and love so many different drawing materials! It’s so much fun to really attack a drawing with a well chosen medium. However, for successful drawing, it’s vital to choose the materials and surface that will meet your needs for a particular drawing. In this class we’ll use a variety of materials and in the process discover how each can be used to our advantage. We’ll do additive and subtractive drawing with graphite and charcoal. We’ll also do ink washes and linear drawing. Then we’ll mix them all together for a final mixed media piece. All work will be done from life using old shoes, gloves, hands, bones, sticks and whatever I can find that’s interesting and challenging to draw.
$170 Members $200 Non-members