Thank you for reviewing the following requirements BEFORE registering your artwork. Do you have a piece that is created on paper, or created with paper? We are exploring paper as a medium and as a surface in this exhibit. This could mean creating a drawing using pencil, charcoal, pastel, a painting or print using pigment on paper as a surface. Or it could mean creating something with paper – a collage perhaps, or a hand made book, or a sculpture made out of papier-mâché. Photography is the only medium on paper that will not be accepted in this particular exhibit. (Photographers please check back for our national Cafe show which is exclusively photography! Registration for that show opens May 30, 2023)

We are looking for works from the last three years that you haven’t yet exhibited at our gallery. This is your chance! This call is open to all artists working in a variety of media using paper.

Work for this unique exhibit will be juried for entry and judged for first, second, third place awards and two honorable mentions. The Juror for this show is colored-pencil fine artist: Kendra J. Ferreira. This call for entry is open through June 14, 2023. Register today!


Register thru June 14th