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Pat D'Ambra
July 15 - August 5
In this Intermediate to Advanced watercolor class, students will be painting flowers and plants, fading and fresh, with an emphasis on exacting the details in a realistic manner. ...
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Lisa May
August, 16, 18, 20
In this workshop we will explore the history of papermaking and the artistic application of this extraordinary medium. In our first class will learn the basics of forming handmade paper using a variety of fibers and...
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Jodi Manca
June 3 - 24
Whether in cityscapes, interiors or landscapes, figures can add interest and character to your paintings. Learn how to capture the essential information to convey the impression of a figure and connect them to their environment....
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Diane Brown
Monday, June 21 (10-3)
This 5-hour class will begin with a demonstration of the Oil & Cold Wax medium. Artists will learn to mix paint with cold wax, basic mark making and textures made from various tools provided by the...
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Vicki Iannuccillo
Thursdays, April 29 - May 20, 9 to 12
Painters who have some basic knowledge of watercolor painting can build or strengthen their skills in this class as we explore creating textures, forms, details, contrast, composition and more. There will...
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Ann Bianchi
August 6 - 27
Take your drawings to the next level and develop them into expressive Acrylic Paintings. In this class we will introduce perspective, composition, application methods, color themes, and atmosphere. We will mix colors, and make selective choices...
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Jan Armor
May 1 - 22
Your iPhone is more than just a telephone, lots more! This little device in your pocket is chock full of other useful features. Besides being a many faceted communication device, it is also a sophisticated...
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Betsey MacDonald
Tuesdays, April 6 - 27, 9 to 12
Animals are challenging, fun and satisfying to draw. If you would like to learn more about your four-legged friends, there's no better way than to draw or paint them....
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Michele Leavitt
Mondays, April 19 - May 10 (9am-12pm)
Learn how to draw in an easy-going studio setting. Participants will explore several general drawing techniques that are part of an artist’s drawing “tool box.” In this segment we will work with line...
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