Have you ever wanted to create a piece of art on a large scale? Are you interested in learning how to create a mural from concept inception to completion? The Wickford Art Association (WAA) Community Mural Project is a juried art contest that will select up to three entries to be featured on the exterior of the WAA building. Participation in the project includes professional development opportunities and selected artists will receive a $500 award. This call for entry is open through March 31, 2023.

The Community Mural Project celebrates WAA’s 60 years of continued commitment to the community with its first exterior public installation. The project intends to:

  • Activate the exterior of the Wickford Art Association’s edifice by creating large outdoor installation
  • Engage the community around the Wickford Art Association with thought provoking art Encourage artists to explore their ideas and work within the context of public art
  • Support and invest in local artists and showcase their work prominently in NK and RI
  • Empower youth artists and grow the local art community

CONCEPT The design concept focuses on ‘community’. What does the term ‘community’ mean to
you? What do you enjoy about the place you call home? What makes it special? Is it a Place? The People? The Natural Elements? Or all the above? We encourage artists to be bold, inspired, graphic, and impactful up close and when viewed from a distance. Abstract colorful representations are welcome.