When I entered the WAA gallery, I was immediately drawn to Robin’s painting. And when I found out “Lament” was her response to my poem I was tingling, glowing — I think I may have stood there emitting a slight electric charge! Her poem is THE visual interpretation of “Furious, Too”. Oh, those morning glories!

It takes courage to write and then release a poem. For it to have been caught by Robin’s creative spirit and metamorphosed into the beauty that is her painting — that’s magic. That’s ekphrasis.

I had a monumental shift in consciousness after viewing the exhibit. I realized that for me, combining the visual with words on a page is a completion of the art — connecting the two halves-verbal and visual, two halves of the experience (especially if the poem is read aloud), forming a unified whole. (And the book allows all of us to revel in the beauty long after the paintings are taken down and the poems returned to the poets.) …But I will tell you that the WAA Poetry and Art exhibit affirmed this slight shift in my creative path. I offer you and Kim and all the others who worked this exhibit my sincere congratulations.