Dear all at Wickford Art Association,
Thank you for sending along your 2019 anthology (7th Annual Poetry & Art publication) to us this fall!
I’m delighted the latest in this series to our collection, and I look forward to including it in next summer’s 2020 Poets House Showcase—our 28thannual exhibition of the nation’s poetry books. As always, we deeply appreciate your support!
All best wishes (and happy holidays!),

Amanda Glassman
Managing Librarian & Digital Communications Director
Poets House · 10 River Terrace · New York, NY 10282
December 2019

I am one of the 2018 WAA scholarship recipients and I participated in the 57th Wickford Art Festival this past weekend. I would like to express my gratitude towards RISCA for their generosity in sponsoring me as an artist this year. Because of their willingness to help young artists in their careers, I was again provided the amazing opportunity to display and sell my artwork at the festival. As for my festival experience, I had great success this year with not only sales, but from enriching communication with fellow artists, locals of Rhode Island, and visitors of Rhode Island that felt a special connection to my pieces (which were mostly notable landmarks in RI). Attending this festival for another year was a great experience and I am extremely grateful that I was able to do so.
I would also like to thank the entirety of the Wickford Art Association for again being so accommodating, kind, and helpful during the festival this year. Each member that stopped by my tent this year to ask how things were going, ask if I needed anything, and to simply give me water or take my picture really made this past weekend another unforgettable experience.
Thank you so much for everything, I hope to be in contact soon!
Shannon McNeiece
July 2019

I just had to leave a little note to let you know how wonderful I think Journeys Onward is. Very emotional response to these pieces of art and so impressed with the quality of the work. Thank you for sharing with me.
Sarah Quinn
June 2019

Thank you for your recent donation of Poetry & Art 2018 to the Reed Foundation Library at Poets House. We are very pleased to add another Wickford Art Association anthology to our collection of over 70,000 titles! It will be cataloged and bookplated to recognize your contribution. It will also be included in next summer’s 2019 Poets House Showcase, our 27th annual exhibition of the nation’s poetry books.
As you know, Poets House has been built on – and sustained by – the generosity of authors, publishers, and book donors like you. Many thanks for recognizing Poets House as a home for this wonderful series!
All best wishes, and happy holidays,
Amanda Glassman
Librarian and Archivist
Poets House · 10 River Terrace · New York, NY 10282
www.poetshouse.org · 646.346.1286
December 2018

I just wanted to tell you how much Art and I enjoyed the play (A Walk in the Woods) last weekend.  What a great idea to present this.  We look forward to attending more.
Congratulations to you and members for your forward thinking.
Nora Hall
September 2018

The Poetry and Art reception was wonderful! I was so happy to be a part of it again. There were so many people there - a huge success. I look forward to going again on a regular day to look at all the artwork which seemed to be exceptional this year.
It's obvious how much work goes in to producing such a lovely reception. The plan for all poems to be read (...) was a good one. The weather cooperating was also a plus.
I thank you for this wonderful opportunity and wanted to ask you if you could give me the email address of "my" artist or give her my email. I would love to tell her again how much I loved the painting  We had a few moments to talk but it was hectic with so many people around.
Hope to be a part of this wonderful event in the future.
My best wishes,
Elizabeth Bogutt

Thanks so much for a great kickoff for the 2018 Poetry & Art exhibition!  I am really honored to have been a part of it...

Thanks again,
Ilyn Murphy

Congratulations to all of you! Each year it gets better and this year it was magical.
I’m so happy knowing I’ve made it every year! Looking forward to the Seventh Poetry & Art!
Nina Ackmann

I want you to know that this event (Poetry & Art) far exceeded my expectations, as far as exhibits and receptions go. You and all the others involved created a very classy and truly magical evening. I am honored to have been able to participate in such a well executed and produced event.
Carol Wontkowski

It was so great to be a part of and I agree it was magical. Cindy and Judy really covered all last detail!!  Great job ladies, it’s very pleasant to work with you!
Trish Hurley

I really enjoyed  the extravaganza on Friday night!  It was terrific! The book looks great, as well! We, the participants, can’t possibly comprehend the work that the committee has done over the past few months to pull it all together, but I want you to know that I do appreciate it.
Thank you, thank you!
Eric Hovermale

This is Grace Shelley, the artist from California in the (6th Annual) Poetry and Art Show. First of all, congratulations and thank you to you and the whole team that pulled off a beautiful and memorable evening! I feel so honored and humbled to have been a part of it. [...] Thank you so much for a beautiful show, and wonderful memories. I really appreciated the poetry reading at the opening, as I find it personally hard to take in the poetry just walking around when the place is so crowded. Too much stimulation!!

I just want to take a moment to thank you and all who work at the Wickford Art Association.  The WAA is a special place.  It has been a great support to my re-entry into the art world.  I joined the WAA four or five years ago, can't remember.  It was a huge leap for me as I had not painted since college (around 35 years).  WAA offered me a friendly, inspiring place to put my work "out there".  Having been recognized by judges over time has validated my work as an artist and continues to motivate me to seriously and relentlessly explore varied expressive directions. The WAA community has positively impacted my artistic growth.  I am grateful.

Just wanted to let you know.
Linda Finnerty
Concord, MA
June 2018

"On behalf of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, our sincere gratitude for conceptualizing a window display inspired by a photograph from Cindy Wilson Photography, who’s also a Chamber member, for building a team of artists to paint murals to display in the former Ryan’s Market in historic Wickford Village, and for taking the time to hang the display.

After the head of leasing for Ocean State Job Lot saw the window, he immediately called me to say that he was in awe of the professional talent who created such a beautiful window display of paintings. In addition, I heard several people walking around Wickford Village speak very highly of the gorgeous window during our ribbon cutting and tree lighting service last week.

I also want to thank you for being a great collaborator on this project as it was a collaboration of the NK Chamber of Commerce, Ocean State Job Lot, and the Wickford Art Association. The Chamber serves many roles in supporting businesses and organizations in the community. We’re proud to connect our members and to work together to achieve positive outcomes. In this case, it is in support of beautifying our community during the Holiday Season as many visitors come to the Wickford Village to shop, dine, and see the window displays. The result of these efforts is an increase in the number of people who visit the Village that therefore helps drive economic development.

Many thanks for your high level of professionalism and talent coupled with your beam of positivity throughout this collaboration."

Kristin Urbach
Executive Director, North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce
Dec. 10, 2015

"When I entered the WAA gallery, I was immediately drawn to Robin’s painting. And when I found out "Lament" was her response to my poem I was tingling, glowing — I think I may have stood there emitting a slight electric charge! Her poem is THE visual interpretation of "Furious, Too". Oh, those morning glories!

It takes courage to write and then release a poem. For it to have been caught by Robin’s creative spirit and metamorphosed into the beauty that is her painting — that’s magic. That’s ekphrasis.

I had a monumental shift in consciousness after viewing the exhibit. I realized that for me, combining the visual with words on a page is a completion of the art — connecting the two halves-verbal and visual, two halves of the experience (especially if the poem is read aloud), forming a unified whole. (And the book allows all of us to revel in the beauty long after the paintings are taken down and the poems returned to the poets.) ...But I will tell you that the WAA Poetry and Art exhibit affirmed this slight shift in my creative path. I offer you and Kim and all the others who worked this exhibit my sincere congratulations."

Diane McDonough

Poetry and Art Exhibit - August, 2013

“Wonderfully surprised at this concept…literally had tears in my eyes over Dancing in the Dark….moving idea. Grateful the Poetry and Art book is for sale….my coffee table treasure.”
Thank you, Barbara / sunnydunney@me.com

“Thankful for a lovely exhibit. The poems brought depth and meaning to the artists’ pieces.” Lisa

“Very impressive mixing poetry and art. Thank you!” Sylvia

“Love the Sunflower metal work. Poetry is a great accompaniment.” Linda

“Fabulous show; a wonderful idea. Enjoyed so much.” Linda

“So enjoyable.” Judy Bucklin

“The juxtaposition of two arts is lovely expression.” Mary Ferry

“How splendid! We hope this will become a tradition.” Mr. & Mrs. Bob MacDonald

“My good friend Helen - beautiful combination of art and imagination.” Joann Mead