Summer Classes 2019

Supply, material and model fees are paid directly to the instructors in class.

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Portraiture in Pastel
Jeanne Tangney
Friday & Saturday, September 6 & 7
9 AM - 5 PM
Portrait painting is so much more than capturing a likeness! Working first from your photographs and later, live models, we will explore how to create an expressive portrait while learning the importance of shapes, values, color relationships, and edges. On the first day, we will review some basic proportions for establishing general features, then cover other useful tips for starting a portrait and correcting errors along the way. We will analyze facial planes, form shadows, and cast shadows, discussing how they can be used to portray expression and interest. These guidelines will be applied to a preliminary charcoal study before beginning a more developed pastel painting based on your own photographs. On the second day, we will be working from life. Demos will be included and you will receive plenty of individualized instruction to help reach your personal goals.
$265 Members   $300 Non-members


Art on the Bay Camp for Children - ages 8 to 12
Week 1 - July 29 to August 2
Week 2 - August 5 to August 9
10 AM - 2 PM
Our days will be spent outside on the shore where we explore and learn about sea and land awareness.  What lives in the sea and how to keep the sea clean for the future?  How to reduce land pollution and how to keep land & sea animals safe? Creating a work of art completes each lesson. We will create a homemade journal and write what we have talked about each day. Creative classes include drawing, cartooning, watercolor painting, 3-d construction, learning to draw and paint from the great masters and each student will write, illustrate and paint their own book. The final day of the session will include an Art Show and Reception.
Donna McCarthy and Sue Greco are art educators and children book author/illustrators and will be team teaching this program.
One week of camp - $125 members   $160 nonmembers
Two weeks of camp - $250 members     $285 nonmembers
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Bring lunch, snack, bottled water, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen every day.

Out & About for Teens - ages 12 to 16
Terry Kole
July 15 to July 19 (5 classes)
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Cameras and sketchbooks in hand, let's go discover the coolest nooks and crannies in Wickford. Weather permitting, we will scour downtown Wickford in search of the perfect picture to sketch and paint. We will take our photographs for reference and sketch and paint on site.
Terry is a "new to the area" illustrator and teacher. She has taken students of all ages on Out & About art experiences in the towns of Plymouth & Sandwich over the past 10 years.
$120 Members   $155 Non-members 
$10 Materials fee


Plein Air Watercolor Painting
Vicki Iannuccillo
Tuesdays, June 4 - 25
9:30 AM - 1 PM (4 classes)
Capture the scenic beauty around Narragansett Bay with watercolors at a different site each week in either Wickford, Jamestown or Newport. Class starts with a short demo for beginners; while more experienced painters can choose their favorite view and begin to paint. Individual assistance and constructive guidance will be provided to everyone throughout the session. The last half hour will be a gentle critique and discussion with the group and give us time to eat lunch.
$170 Members   $205 Non-members


Class Full
Late Day Plein Air Painting
Trish Hurley
Tuesdays, June 11 - July 23
(no class 7/2)
4 PM - 7 PM (6 classes)
Long cool shadows, pink and orange skies in the late afternoon is a great time to paint! Trish will start you off each time with a quick demonstration at various locations around the Wickford area.
$215 Members   $250 Non-members

Class Full
Early Morning Plein Air Painting
Trish Hurley
Wednesdays, June 12 - July 24
(no class 7/3)
7:30 - 10:30 AM (6 classes)
Start the day off by capturing the soft morning light settling over the land. Morning is a fabulous tine to get to those spots you can't always get to during the day and observe the day as it begins. Trish will start you off with a quick demo to show you the way.
$215 Members   $250 Non-members

Plein Air Painting with Bill Lane and Anthony Tomaselli
Fridays, June 7 - 28 (rain date of 7/5)
9 AM - 4 PM (4 classes)
Contemporary oil painter Anthony Tomaselli and watercolorist Bill Lane join forces to lead a unique collaborative plein air painting workshop.
You will be treated to the knowledge, wisdom and talents of two extraordinary artists. 'Plein Air' offers two very different approaches to both traditional and expressionistic painting. Witness as these two artists capture the same scene - Anthony in oil and Bill in watercolor - side by side. Brush up on your watercolor techniques, hone in on your oil skills or capture Wickford using the medium of your choice. Whichever you choose, planning and composition will get you started while passion will guide you through the process.
Wickford Village offers a huge variety of subject matter for your creative spirit. Whether your goal is capturing buildings, land, sea, sky and/or people, this class and these distinctly diverse instructors have it all covered. There is nothing quite like the magic of painting on location with shifting light, rising/lowering tides, weather, on-lookers and daily life!
All Mediums welcome - oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel.
$350 Members   $385 Non-members
Class limited to 20 students

Class Full
On the Road Photo Shoots
Cindy Wilson
Wednesdays, July 10 - 31
5 PM - 8 PM (4 classes)
Four classes, four locations and four new techniques. This location photography class will feature four different spots in southern RI chosen with a specific lesson. We will explore shutter speed with waterfalls, depth of field with flowers, low light and abstract photography. And we will do all of this while having a great time!
$175 Members   $210 Non-members

Dimensional Color: Sculpt a Tree Frog
Christy Sherman
Saturday, May 25, 10 AM - 2 PM
Explore color in 3 dimensions as you sculpt a vibrant tree frog. Your frog can be a free-standing sculpture or hanging pendant. We'll go through different poses and the practical considerations of each, such as creating a simple armature or adjusting the balance so it will hang correctly.
You'll learn basic sculpting techniques, how to create a small armature if needed, and how to add new polymer clay to a previously baked surface. You'll also find out how to hang a dimensional sculpture or add hardware to turn it into a pendant or hanging ornament. No  experience necessary.

$65 Members   $100 Non-members

$15 Materials fee - All materials included

Gouache Illustration: Seashells
Susan Sward
Saturday, June 15
9 AM - 1 PM
Let's explore painting as a naturalist would! In the Victorian era, scientific study and journaling went hand-in-hand. Natural science illustrator Susan Sward will guide the class through observation, color mixing, the use of gouache, and patterning. Students can bring favorite shells from their own collections or can choose one from the teachers' collection. Seashells will be rendered in gouache with attention to color patterns and shape. Beginners and seasoned artists are both welcome.
$60 Members   $95 Non-members
$15 Materials fee - All materials included

Gouache Illustration: Rocks
Susan Sward
Saturday, June 22
9 AM - 1 PM
Let's explore painting as a naturalist would! In the Victorian era, scientific study and journaling went hand-in-hand. Natural science illustrator Susan Sward will guide the class through observation, color mixing, the use of gouache, and patterning. Students can bring favorite rocks from their own collections or can choose one from the teachers' collection. Rocks will be rendered in gouache with attention to color patterns and shape. Beginners and seasoned artists are both welcome.
$60 Members   $95 Non-members
$15 Materials fee - All materials included

Radiant Resin Jewelry
Christy Sherman
Saturday, August 24, 10 AM - 2 PM
Add depth to your work with UV resin. This type of resin requires no mixing, cures with UV light, and is much easier to work with than standard 2-part resins. We will be making small jewelry or art pieces with polymer clay. You'll be able to experiment with different types of powders to color the clay, then we'll coat the final piece with resin to achieve the look of enamel or iridescent dichroic glass. This project can be simple and abstract, or you can use tiny brushes to create a miniature painting. Learn how to make your own bezel from flat wire, including some of the "gotchas". Or use a standardized commercial bezel for a quick and easy project. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to try UV resin or polymer clay. No experience needed.

$65 Members   $100 Non-members

$20 Materials fee - All materials included

Watercolors: Loose & Lively!
Susan Klas Wright
Wednesdays, May 22 - June 12
10 AM - 1 PM (4 classes)
Working with the flow of the medium, we'll be painting loosely, allowing the water and paint to work for us. We will experiment with new approaches to watercolor painting; a careful study followed by a fast and free version of the same image, painting an image upside-down, the use of masking fluid. Our large brushes will allow us greater free wrist action. Lose the fear and feel free to experiment while creating representational or semi-abstract paintings with your own reference materials for inspiration.

$150 Members   $185 Non-members

Colorful Creatures in Watercolor
Betsey MacDonald
Wednesdays, May 29 & June 5
6 PM - 9 PM (2 classes)
Do you have a pet you adore, an animal you spend time with or maybe just one you find intriguing? There's no better way to really learn about something, on a visual level, than to draw or paint that subject. We will use our fascinating non-human beings for inspiration to create unique and beautiful watercolors. We'll start by looking at a variety of animal watercolors, from realistic approaches to wild and colorful interpretations. We will transfer or draw from our photos and then paint thoughtful pet inspired portraits. Anyone who loves animals is welcome!

$75 Members   $110 Non-members

Inspirational Acrylic Painting
Ann Bianchi
Thursdays, August 1 & 8
3 PM- 6 PM (2 classes)
Ready to paint with Acrylics? Interested in experimenting as an artist with new skills? In this class you'll have multiple opportunities to sample with Intuitive and Realistic styles, choosing subjects and painting methods along the way. Work small or large. Achieve success mixing warm and cool colors while learning a variety of application techniques. Achieve basic perspective, and also attain success with a limited palette of colors and values. Ann will demonstrate expressive styles, as well as refined detailed work. Enjoy increased confidence, personalized attention, and be inspired as you achieve your artistic goals. Bring multiple landscape/seascape /nostalgic photos to reference. A still life will also be available for observational painting choices. Beginners to all skill levels are welcome.
$75 Members   $110 Non-members
$15 Materials fee which includes paints 

In Your Right Mind
Donna McCarthy
Saturdays, July 20 - August 17 (4 classes)
(no class August 10)
9 AM - 12 Noon
This class is designed for beginning drawing students and those who wish to improve their drawing skills. Methods devised by Betty Edwards in her book, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" are used, in addition to other methods devised by the instructor to help the student to "see" more accurately. We will begin with the element of line, improving accuracy through contour drawings, and work our way through exercises to enhance understanding of spatial relationships, proportions, effective composition, indicating depth, and 3 dimensional space on a two dimensional surface.
$150 Members     $185 Non-members
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