Fall Classes 2019

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Painting with Alcohol Inks - Part 2
Mary Wojciechowski
Thursday, December 5
10 Am - 3 PM
The Art of Painting with Alcohol Ink Workshop, Part 2 is designed to build upon prior experience, to learn more advanced techniques in painting with this medium and to work in a larger format, if desired. During the five-hour workshop students will continue to explore the unique qualities of alcohol ink and how it may be used for flowing abstracted works, representational images, including florals and landscapes, and subjects that incorporate both. As in the introductory class, experimentation with a sense of creative playfulness is encouraged.
Added to this December class will be gift opportunities using your paintings: Mat sets measuring 8"x10" to complete two of your 5"x7" paintings and a 3x3 gesso block that you will paint on for a finished piece.

$65 Members   $100 Non-members
$7 Material fee - All materials included

Portrait Drawing for the Beginner
Donna McCarthy
Saturdays, November 23 & 30
10 AM - 1 PM (2 classes)
If you've ever tried to draw a portrait, you already know that it's difficult. To get the results you want, there are so many things that must be done correctly that it can seem overwhelming. We will ease into the process by beginning with simple line drawing, and warmups that help you to exercise the visual centers of your brain. We will cover proportions and facial anatomy and work our way up to drawing a complete pencil portrait. For the first class we will use each other and ourselves as models and for the second class a model will be used. Some basic drawing skills are recommended for this class.
$90 Members   $125 Non-members

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The iPad Photo Collage Workshop
Jan Armor
Tuesdays, November 26 - December 10
7PM - 9 PM (3 classes)

"I love reality as much as the next photographer but sometimes I grow weary of all the pretty sunsets and all the pretty girls I see all over Instagram and Facebook. I need to escape, and tap into my creative self." I resurrect old images from my archive, and/or combine them with new pictures from my iPhone and digital SLR. Photo collage is the way I do that. In this workshop you will learn how to collage and combine your photographs in new and interesting ways using Procreate, Adobe Mix, and Snapseed, three powerful collage apps for your iPad. All you need are these three apps and your imagination.

$125 Members   $160 Non-members

Mosaics for the Holidays
Carol Chew
Fridays, December 6 - 20
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM (3 classes)
During this 3-session class, we will be designing a 10" x 10" wood framed mirror using Colorfusion Crystaline tiles. We will explore different tools and techniques for cutting, gluing and grouting tiles to create a beautiful finished piece suitable for a unique holiday gift.  This class is appropriate for all levels.
$110 Members   $145 Non-members
$35 Materials fee - All materials included

The Art of the Sketchbook
Donna McCarthy
Saturday, December 14
10 AM - 2 PM
Sketchbooks are so much more than they used to be! In this class you will create a new sketchbook using your own drawings, images and collage material. A unique, interactive, multimedia sketchbook will be made using a variety of media and materials. This class is for people with drawings, paintings and collage media that can be repurposed and reinvented into new visual statements.
$60 Members   $95 Non-members
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Cast Paper Sculpture
Lisa May
Saturday & Sunday, September 21 & 22
10 AM - 1 PM (2 classes)
In this workshop we will explore the history of papermaking and the artistic application of this extraordinary medium. In our first class will learn the basics of sheet forming using a variety of fibers. The remainder of the time will be used to create an armature to apply the handmade paper on. The next day will be applying paper to the form we have designed and we will finish our sculpture with paint and decorative materials.
$75 Members   $110 Non-member
$10 Materials fee

Studies in Charcoal
Betsey MacDonald
Wednesdays, September 25 - October 9
9 AM - Noon (3 classes)
Nothing gives the beautiful velvety blacks of charcoal! It's fun and messy and allows for a loose investigative attack! We will use natural objects such as skulls, shells, sticks and stones to inspire the creation of strong black and white studies and finished drawings in charcoal.
$110 Members   $145 Non-members


Illustrating for Children's Books
Donna McCarthy
Saturday, September 28
10 AM - 3 PM
This one-day workshop will provide information on how to effectively communicate to children through pictures. This is a class for everyone working in any medium. We will focus on making the art for printed children's books but will not teach how to make eBooks or story apps.
Information on copyright, trademarking and self-publishing will be provided as well as what is involved in submitting to publishers.
Bring drawing or painting materials that you enjoy working with.  It is not recommended to work on canvas. If you prefer oils or acrylics consider working on paper.
$65 Members   $100 Non-members

Intermediate Watercolors
Vicki Iannuccillo
Tuesdays, November 5 - December 3 (no class 11/12)
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM (4 classes)
This is an opportunity for those who have an understanding of the basics of watercolor and want to develop their skills and experiment with new techniques. You will have the freedom to work from your own still-life objects or from your own photographs. There will be a focus on individual guidance and instruction. We will be using the fundamentals of design and watercolor to take your painting skill to the next level.
$150 Members   $185 Non-member

Acrylic Painting with Passion
Ann Bianchi
Saturdays, October 5 - 26
9:30 Am - Noon (4 classes)
Creating an expressive painting is similar to developing a "story". Using techniques of 19th and 20th century artists, we'll cover topics to include, perspective skills, developing composition, simplifying subject matter, acrylic application methods, color themes, atmosphere and mood. We'll mix colors, identify contrasts and make selective choices based on the results. Allowing our eyes to "mix" hues of pure colors creates mood in our paintings. Achieve artistic success as your paintings come to life and evoke interest from unique color combinations as well as depth. Please bring favorite photos of landscapes, seascapes or nature to refer to. Participants choose individual canvas sizes. All levels welcome, and no prior experience needed.
$120 Members   $155 Non-members
$25 Materials fee (optional)

This class is full.
Big and Bold
Trish Hurley
Fridays, September 20 - October 11
1 PM - 4 PM (4 classes)

Big brushes, Big canvases and BIGGER steps toward looser and broader LARGER paintings. Trish will begin classes with lesson discussion and a motivating demonstration in acrylic paint, giving you the guidance you need to begin your own BIG paintings. Your choice of painting medium. Trying new things and thinking outside the box is highly encouraged in this class!

$150 Members   $185 Non-members

This class is full.
Flower Power
Trish Hurley
Fridays, October 25 - November 8
1 - 4 PM (3 classes)
Three big steps while having fun painting flowers.  First we will investigate organics through mark making - value, shape and line. Secondly, we will venture into discussing organic form with color and tones. Lastly we will create again from that experience a floral painting, incorporating multi media if you choose. Acrylics or oils and all levels are welcome!
$110 Members   $145 Non-members

The Possibilities of 
Jeanne Tangney
Thursdays, October 3 - November 7 (no class 10/17)
2 - 5 PM (5 classes)
The possibilities of pastel are endless! In this class, we will discover (or rediscover!) some of the many ways to use this versatile medium. You will learn to identify masses and values as a starting point. We will then apply the guidelines of strong composition and the importance of values, color selection, and edges.  Underpainting techniques, layering, and mark-making will be explored. There will be demonstrations of methods and materials, as well as plenty of individual attention. This class will focus on exploring and expanding your focus and skills - all levels are welcome!
$180 Members   $215 Non-members
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On the Road Again - Fall Colors
Cindy Wilson
Wednesdays, October 16 - November 13 (no class 10/23)
4PM - 7 PM (4 classes)
Four classes, four locations and four new techniques. This location photography class will have four especially picked spots in Rhode Island to take advantage of fall light and colors. We will explore shutter speed, depth of field, low light and abstract photography. And we do this all while having a great time!
$175 Members   $210 Non-members

Foundations of Digital Photography
Cindy Wilson
Tuesdays, October 29 - November 19
5PM - 7 PM (4 classes)
Do you have a new camera? Or, how many times have you tried to comprehend your digital camera's manual only to be frustrated and shoot on automatic? Learn all about your digital camera's settings, menus and how to make better photograph in this five-session course.  Join Cindy and learn about digital photography from the ground up. We start with the camera, its buttons and menus, and expand with digital terminology. We will move then to understanding exposure through ISO, aperture and shutter speed. We will also learn about proper focusing techniques. There will be in class instruction, assignments and slide show discussion of our work. The fall is the best time to learn to use your camera; there is beautiful light to make images, and foliage is great subject matter. Whether a beginner or a refresher, you will learn in this four class series.
$175 Members   $210 Non-members

Gouache Illustration: Autumn Leaves
Susan Sward
Saturday, November 23
2- 6 PM
Let's explore painting as a naturalist would! In the Victorian era, scientific study and journaling went hand-in-hand. Natural science illustrator Susan Sward will guide the class through observation, color mixing, the use of gouache, and patterning. Bring some pretty leaves to class or use some of the instructor's. Leaves will be rendered in gouache with attention to color pattern, and shape. Beginners and seasoned artists are both welcome.
$60 Members   $95 Non-members
$15 Materials fee - All materials included

Gouache Illustration: Mushrooms
Susan Sward
Saturday, November 9
9 AM - 1 PM
Let's explore painting as a naturalist would! In the Victorian era, scientific study and journaling went hand-in-hand. Natural science illustrator Susan Sward will guide the class through observation, color mixing, the use of gouache, and patterning. Mushrooms will be rendered in gouache with attention to color pattern, and shape. Beginners and seasoned artists are both welcome.
$60 Members   $95 Non-members
$15 Materials fee - All materials included

This class is full.
Painting with Alcohol Inks
Mary Wojciechowski
Saturday, November 2
10 Am - 3 PM
Our five-hour workshop will begin with an introduction to alcohol ink as a painting medium and a demonstration in techniques of pouring, brushing and creating textures with inks. The remaining time will be used for personal exploration both abstractly and more representationally, with time to complete many paintings. After the lunch break, more advanced techniques will be demonstrated and explored. The workshop will end with a critique and sharing experiences.
$65 Members   $100 Non-members
$5 Material fee - All materials included