Deconstruct a classic work…re-invent it through another medium.

What if van Gogh had been a sculptor?  Or, what might have Monet accomplished with Photoshop?  Could Hopper have been an abstract expressionist?

June 11 – July 11, 2021

Awards & Cash Prizes will be announced Friday- June 11, 2021 after 7pm.

1st Place

Anchored in Argenteuil byAnn Bianchi, Acrylic, Fiber & Textile Collage/Impressionistic & Based on Red Boats at Argenteuil by Claude Monet

2nd Place

Picasso/Warhol meet The Photographer byCatherine Kaiser – Photography meets Photoshop & Based on Tete de Femme series by Pablo Picasso, Soup Can by Andy Warhol

3rd Place

Degas, Self-Portrait, In a Café by Laura Johnston – Collage on Canvas & Based on In a Cafe’/The Absinthe Drinker by Edgar Degas

Honorable Mentions

The Cheesemaker by Gina Campbell – Photography & Based on Works by Vermeer

Why, Brad, Darling… by Gene Suponski – Hand-colored B&W Photography, Prisma-color pencil/American POP Art thru parody, Roy Lichtenstein & Based on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors Etching by C.G. Playter

Judge’s Awards

Portrait Mode. by Rick Catallozzi – Photography/Street Photography & Based on Self Portrait by Vincent van Gogh

All Tied Up by Joyce Neville – Mixed Media/Abstract & Based on Composition 1 by Piet Mondrian

Notification of Acceptance
Submitted works have been reviewed by our jurist and a full list of accepted works is available HERE. Jurist Statement coming soon.

Delivery of Accepted Works
Accepted work can be hand-delivered to 36 Beach Street, North Kingstown on Tuesday: June 8 (noon-6pm), Wednesday: June 9 (10am-1pm).

Opening Reception
Friday: June 11, 2021 (4pm-7pm); no reservation required, but gallery capacity is limited to 75 – guests may be asked to wait outside until space is available. Awards will be presented in-gallery at 7pm.

WAA retains 30% on all sales by member exhibitors, 40% on all sales by non-member exhibitors.

All work should be collected on Tuesday: July 13 (noon-6pm) or Wednesday: July 14 (noon-3pm).

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Registration is open 04/02/2021 through Friday- May 7, 2021

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