June 5 to June 21, 2020

Featuring the artwork of seven invited WAA JAMs:

Bonnie JAFFE

To become a Juried-Artist-Member:

After 6 months of General Artist Membership, artists may apply to become a Juried Artist Member by submitting 5 original and recent works of art for judging by a jury of 3 current juried members. The next panel is Tuesday- November 17, 2020 and work must be collected on Wednesday, November 18th – see application for complete details: Juried Artist Member Application then call the gallery at 401-294-6840 to reserve your space.

Sharon Alemany

Sharon ALEMANY currently lives in Newport, RI and spends her time between Newport and Falmouth, MA.  Inspired by the beauty that surrounds her, she returned to her passion for painting in 1995.  She currently focuses on Watercolors and Acrylics of popular Ocean State sites.  She is also available for commissioned pieces of artwork of people’s homes and favorite vacation spots.  Sharon studied under well known local artists through both the Newport Art Museum and the Wickford Art Association.  She is currently a Juried Artist Member of the Wickford Art Association.  www.sharonalemany.com

Jody Brown

Jody BROWN: I have been taking pictures my whole life, but it is only since 2012 that I began to learn about my camera and to study photography by taking classes and reading.  My first workshop was in New Brunswick, Canada, with Freeman Patterson.  It was a levitating experience, both because of Freeman and the other students.  In 2015, I began entering shows and spending more time with other photographers, in workshops and photo tours.  I feel very fortunate to have found this world for creativity, and the extraordinary people who inhabit it.

I have been told I look happy when I am photographing.  I know that is true.  I am intensely curious about the world we inhabit, and the humans being in it.  And when I point my literal or virtual lens at something or someone that sparks my interest, I am happy.

For subject matter I enjoy playing with architectural elements, color, and pattern (sometimes with deliberate camera motion),  resulting in photographs that may evoke pleasure, unease, wonderment, or simply curiosity.  But it is, most of all, the quirky nature of human behavior and gesture that makes me take to the street.  I find my photographic eye focusing most frequently on those small human moments of humor, poignancy, joy, determination, pride, unease, and/or ambiguity.  Serendipity is not a small part of this equation, but patience and perseverance tend to invite more of these moments. jodybrown44@gmail.com

Bonnie Jaffe

Bonnie JAFFE is a native Rhode Islander and has lived in the state her entire life. Bonnie credits her dad, Murray Perlman, for introducing her to the excitement of photography when he gave her her first Brownie camera at age 7.  She later graduated to his Bessler Topcon Super D 35mm camera, and developed film and printed pictures in their basement darkroom.  She was inspired early in life to capture moments of time on film.  In high school, Bonnie began her formal study of photography, which continued at the Rhode Island School of Design from which she graduated in 1978, earning a BFA.  Bonnie then worked as a freelance photographer and then became a commercial producer/writer for the next 15 years.

Bonnie’s particular focus is on capturing people at work and at play, but enjoys all facets of the art.   Bonnie Jaffe is an award winning photographer and an artist member of the Providence Art Club, Wickford Art Association, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, as well as many other art associations.  Bonnie resides with her family in Barrington, RI.  www.photojaffe.com

Paul Mello

Paul MELLO picked up photography at the age of fourteen after a friend of his brother showed him an Argus C3 camera and a makeshift darkroom. He was hooked after that, and after working all summer, he bought his first Nikon camera. Little did he know that that would be the easiest part of this obsession. The Navy came next, but as luck would have it, they trained him to be a Photographer’s Mate and then sent Paul to a photo lab in the Philippines. Well, after his four year Navy career, he settled back in Newport and in a short time became an Associated Press stringer for the Newport area. He also started taking photos of  major sailing events like the 1980 Americas’s Cup and OSTAR Single Handed Race from England etc. He had a modicum of success with some pictures in the NY Times and major Sailing magazines at the time. But the passion wained in 1983 and he took a reluctant hiatus from photography.

His love of photography has come back with some new and exciting twists. Gone are the chemicals and the darkroom which has been replaced with a computer and printer that has proved to be as equally a demanding mistress as the darkroom ever was. His passion to capture and reveal life’s uniqueness to us that may be hidden at first glance or lost after the moment has past is his driving force. If a photograph doesn’t grab you in the first two seconds and make you look a lot longer, He would suggest that a different approach is in order! pauljmello@gmail.com

Hiroko Shikashio


Hiroko SHIKASHIO: My fascination with color has always been the key element in my work.

If the sun rays capture our hearts much like a rainbow does, my desire is to express the vitality and bursting energy of that spectrum.

Over the years I have also developed a strong passion for traveling around the world. Traveling not only opens your eyes to other cultures, but offers great opportunities to observe the wonderful nature and stir up creative energy for photography and other art forms. hirokoart@gmail.com

Frances Topping

Frances TOPPING holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography with Botany/Zoology minor; Sheffield, England, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with Illustration and Photography from University of Akron, Ohio and a Natural Science Illustration Certificate from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She participated in further studies with noted artists Don Getz, Marc Moon, Tom Lynch, Fred Graff, and Guild of Natural Science artists and ongoing natural history study.

Lifelong interests in natural history and art have culminated in paintings and illustrations primarily reflecting a nature theme. Capturing nature’s many faces is my goal. Helping others to stop and see the intricacy, beauty and scientific wonder of nature will I hope inspire others to care for, preserve and enjoy the natural world as well as learn from it.

I was born in England where I developed a love of the countryside and nature. My later experience as an interpretive naturalist in the United States has added to my knowledge and this is reflected in my artwork, a combination of the natural world and its expression on paper, whether for viewing enjoyment or instructional purposes. www.francestoppingvisuals.com

Cindy Horovitz Wilson

Cindy Horovitz WILSON, a resident of Wickford Rhode Island, has been making photographs of Rhode Island since 1976. She earned her BA from the University of Rhode Island in 1978, studied briefly at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and received her Masters of Fine Art from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in 1984.

After 20 years in wedding photography and three years operating a gallery in Wickford, Cindy began teaching photography in local classes and to photography groups in 2009. She has led travel photography workshops in various locations in New England and around the world.

Cindy continues to develop her own signature style of making images, observing and capturing her subjects with authenticity and dignity. She exhibits in local art festivals and with many photography organizations. www.cindywilsonphoto.com