Art in the Face of War, Journeys Onward, Wickford Art Association

Journeys Onward:
May 17 to June 16, 2019

Opening Reception:
Sunday, May 19th, from 1 PM to 3 PM

Alicia Dietz is a sculptor, furniture maker and mixed media artist, and U.S. Army veteran Blackhawk (UH-60) pilot and company commander who served in Iraq and worldwide. In this short video, she describes her motivation in creating one for her important wood sculptures, “Fallen Soldiers”.

Paul Bouchard is a sculptor and painter, and U.S. Navy veteran who served aboard the destroyer USS Ramsey in the Western Pacific during the Vietnam War. In this short video, he relates an intense five-day naval experience in 1968, and how he and his art were impacted by that experience. 

The Wickford Art Association’s Journeys Onward explores the artistic expression of veterans and their families in the context of some of their specific military experiences.  Many veterans and their families want to tell their stories, but those conversations can be difficult to start.  Often, art has been shown to be able to foster communication.

Every member of the U.S. Armed Forces and their family members embark on a journey of experiences that are both shared by many, and specific to each individual. Those experiences can be complex and enduring – perhaps lifelong. Their impact and intensity may be hard to grasp for those outside the Armed Forces community.

Accompanied by the artists’ written words, their 2D or 3D art reflects the military experiences of veterans – retired or currently serving – or their family members. It creates an opportunity and forum for artists to share their past experiences and their journeys onward. Their art and relevant written words can offer a common ground for those conversations to start. Communication is what this exhibit is all about.

Please read the prospectus carefully and only consider submitting work if you can comply with the requirements and timetable outlined in this document.

Continuing its tradition of melding innovative art with community relevancy, the Wickford Art Association brings “Journeys Onward” to those who have participated in the military experience and those who have an interest in understanding that experience.  With an opening reception on Sunday, May 19, 2019 from 1 to 3 PM, the exhibit runs through June 16th with related events including the screening of award-winning films and related presentations. Please check back for a calendar of events.

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Accepted Artists

Please refer to your CaFÉ acceptance email for complete details regarding shipping or in-person delivery of your artwork.
Note: all artists shipping their work for the exhibit must pay a $15 handling fee, per box.