Juried Artist Member-of-the-Month

Dianne L. WEBB

Dianne began her career as an artist working in acrylics and doing primarily decorative art, but she quickly realized she wanted to be more creative. She took a drawing class and her passion began to grow. Since those early days she has studied privately with a number of different artists in a variety of mediums but fell in love with oils, which is now her main medium.

Before Dianne discovered painting she had owned a hair and skincare salon. During that time she became a hair color technician for a major beauty supplier. Her experience in teaching hair color provided her with a background of mixing colors and getting a unique feel for color. As a result of her background she often uses very deep and vibrant colors in her paintings, but they still retain a very peaceful quality.

In her own words, “Sharing my passion for art, whether it’s talking about it, selling it or teaching it makes me so grateful to be on this wonderful journey.