Juried Artist Member-of-the-Month

Barbara DeCESARE

Photography is a journey for me- not a destination.  All along the way there are new experiences, new adventure and new, expanded horizons. I began my journey shortly after I retired, with my first digital DSLR camera and immediately experienced what photography offered.   Each time I look at a tree, flower, building or anything that appears in my view finder, my vision is expanded as I see the light on the object, the colors, shapes, textures. 

Photography has truly opened a world of wonder for me. Living in Rhode Island is such a pleasure and I feel so fortunate to be able to access the beautiful seashore as well as the architecture from north to South, East to West- and I don’t need to travel very far for these wonderful sights.

Being a member of the Wickford Art Association has brought me to new friends and colleagues and has been so much a part of my photographic growth. The five images on display have one thing in common– each is tied to water: Goldfish in Purple Haze from the Botanical Garden at Roger Williams Park, Rust  from a boat at Galilee, Icicles after a storm in Newport, Seagrass at High Tide  in Apponaug, Water’s Edge from Narragansett

The journey continues.

Barbara DeCESARE