Juried Artist Member-of-the-Month


I grew up in the South of England as an only child in a village with very few children of my own age. I firmly believe that having to amuse myself on a daily basis with little in the way of material toys forced me to cultivate my imagination and creativity from an early age.

From the beginning of my earliest memories I had an uncontrollable need to draw, paint, and create with whatever mediums I could find, whenever I could. My mother would jokingly tell her friends that I came out of the womb with a good sense of humor and a paint brush in my hand.

On leaving school I longed to be an artist but fate led me to a position with a large Aviation Company where I undertook a 5 year engineering training period to finally become a qualified draughtswoman. After a time, still longing for a chance to be more creative in my work I attended college again and trained to become a Technical Illustrator, which entailed drawing exploded views of machinery, which I attempted to make look as beautiful as possible!!!

As I continued to work on the drawing board for many more years I found chances to increase my knowledge and skills in a variety of artistic pastimes, I travelled extensively, discovering and embracing many Architectural periods and Art from various cultures. I studied many subjects including Interior Design, High level Restoration paint effects, Murals and Vignettes, Fabric Printing, Book Illustration, Antique Furniture Painting and garden design. Always keen to learn and be inspired by masters from the world of art and creativity.

My life has been good to me and at last I am fortunate enough to be able to concentrate full time on my painting. I paint mainly with oils or acrylics on canvas, aiming for a profound and individual style and often concealing an undertone of magic that encourages the viewer to think hard and deep about the true meaning or thought beneath the painting.

I am so happy to say that my close family, life experiences, both good and bad, amazing places and wonderful people that were kind enough to give me the benefit of their knowledge have contributed to my work enriching and embellishing it, I hope, with character and substance.

– Antoinette Campbell-Hunter


Antoinette is an Artist member of the Wickford and Pawtucket Art Associations and regularly exhibit at their galleries.