Children’s Summer Classes

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Paper Parade! Ages 6 to 10

Lisa May
Chose 1 day or all 5...
Saturday, May 23, 10 - Noon
Saturday, June 13, 10 - Noon
T, W & Th, August 4, 5 & 6, 10 - Noon
Papermaking began in China approx. 2000 years ago! It was developed to spread literature, but over the years has been used to make hats, kimonos and sculpture. We will take the plant fibers of cotton and abaca (banana plant family) and mix them together to form sheets of pulp to create our handmade paper creations. In each class we make a different colorful paper sculpture to take home. Lisa May is a papermaker and sculptor whose specialty is teaching art to young children.
Each Saturday class
$40 Members $55 Non-members
3 day class in August
$120 Members $135 Non-members
$5 Material fee per class


Saturday,May 23 - Members (current with dues)
Saturday, May 23 - Non-Members
Saturday, June 13 - Members (current with dues)
Saturday, June 13 - Non-Members
August 4,5,6 - Members (current with dues)
August 4,5,6 - Non-Members

Terry Kole - Cartoon Crazy Camp
Cartoon Crazy Camp - Ages 10 to 16
Terry Kole
Monday - Thursday, June 22 - 25
9:30 - 11:30 AM
Create your own cartoons! Getting our inspiration from the masters of cartooning, we will create our own characters. Terry will teach you the art of cartooning, from exaggerating emotions, and different pen techniques to creating your own world for your characters.
Terry started her art career in Detroit as a cartoonist. Her cartoon strip "Clem's Classics" ran in five different Midwestern newspapers. She's been teaching cartooning to different age groups both overseas and in the Plymouth area for over ten years.
$120 Members $135 Non-members


Members (current with dues)

Terry Kole - Out & About with Teerns
Out & About for Teens - Ages 12 to 16
Terry Kole
Monday - Friday, July 13 - 17
9:30 - 11:30 AM
Cameras and sketchbooks in hand, let’s go discover the coolest nooks and crannies in Wickford. Weather permitting, we will scour downtown Wickford in search of the perfect picture to sketch and paint. We will take our own photographs for reference and sketch on site and paint if time allows. Terry had her first successful Out & About camp with local teens last summer. They visited the waterfront beach, the kayak pond and bridge, the harbor and painted with coffee outside Shayna's Place. We're hoping to include the historical houses on Main Street this summer.
$150 Members $165 Non-members
$10 Materials fee

Members (current with dues)

Judy Hambleton - Paint What You see and Feel
Paint What You See and Feel - Ages 11 to 15
Judy Hambleton
Fridays, July 10, 17, 24 & 31
9:30 - 11:30 AM
An outdoor drawing and sketching class that encourages and motivates young artists to create original works of art using the beautiful scenery surrounding the Wickford Art Association and Town Beach. Judy's 24 years as an art educator and Arts Director will help young artists to develop confidence and skill while depicting land and seascapes using pencil, watercolors and oil pastels. A fun and relaxing atmosphere while motivating creativity and skill.
$120 Members  $135 Non-members
Members (current with dues)

Susan Sward - Nature Journaling
Our Big Beautiful World: Nature Journaling for Kids!
Susan Sward
Ages 7 to 11 - Monday - Thursday, June 29 - July 2, 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Ages 11 to 15 - Monday - Thursday, July 27 - 30, 1 - 3 PM
Summer camp for young artists and explorers. Natural science illustrator and seasoned school teacher Susan Sward will lead students in exploring the world of nature and the great outdoors right here at North Kingstown Town Beach. Students will follow their curiosity to observe and collect natural objects. Specimens will be examined and depicted in art journals using pencil and color.
$120 Members  $135 Non-members
$25 Materials fee
June 29 - July 2, Members (current with dues)
June 29 - July 2, Non-Members
July 27 - 30, Members (current with dues)
July 27 - 30, Non-Members

Donna McCarthy - Mixed Media Mashup
Mixed Media Mashup - Ages 8 - 12
Donna McCarthy 
M, T, W & Th - August 10 - 13, 9:30 – 11:30 AM
Each week we will make something new and exciting by combining a huge variety of traditional art materials and some that are a bit unexpected. Painting, drawing, collage, and printing are some of the techniques we will be using. All supplies will be provided.
$120 Members $135 Nonmembers
$15 Materials fee
Members (current with dues)