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Brian O'Malley
Feb 8 - March 1
Are you interested in 2D Animation? Interested in building your own little world with paper, pens, pencils, stylus and a smartphone or tablet? Then sign up for this course and begin to explore the potential...
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Ronald Zincone
January 27
This exciting course will help you understand and teach you 35mm photography by learning just two camera modes! That's right – two camera modes that will take care of 90% of your photographic subjects! You will be taught...
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Felicia Touhey
February 3 - 24
Create unique and experimental monotype prints with a teacher who is responsive to your interests, imagery and printmaking abilities. Using non toxic Akua Intaglio inks instruction includes ink mixing, ink applications and modification, color layering, stencil...
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Cindy Wilson
Mondays, February - April, 4 classes
Through an online platform, students will share their photographs, initiated by a visual or symbolic prompt, with a small group of peers, gaining valuable feedback while offering insight to the others. The goal for...
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Betsey MacDonald
Feb 8, 15, 22, March1
It’s our nature to be curious about nature and the best way to learn about something is to draw it. We will draw eggs, acorns, leaves, pinecones, sticks and my good friend, Jeff Skeleton. We...
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