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Sarah Hirsch
Tuesday, August 24
In this workshop, we invite you to buddy up intergenerationally and co-create some magical creatures. We’re designing our class materials for children ages 5-9 to use with an older sibling, a grandparent, a neighbor, a nanny --...
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Isadora Frost
August 9 - 13
Have fun walking on the sunny beach with your friends, exploring nature and feeling the ocean breeze while learning how to take great photos. In this class we will explore light and shadow, angles, perspective, composition,...
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Lisa May
August, 16, 18, 20
In this workshop we will explore the history of papermaking and the artistic application of this extraordinary medium. In our first class will learn the basics of forming handmade paper using a variety of fibers and...
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Ann Bianchi
August 6 - 27
Take your drawings to the next level and develop them into expressive Acrylic Paintings. In this class we will introduce perspective, composition, application methods, color themes, and atmosphere. We will mix colors, and make selective choices...
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Terry Kole
August 23 - 27
In this class we will imitate the masters of cartooning. Each student can learn to master their favorite characters as well as the favorites of their classmates: Manga, Super Heroes, Disney Princesses and animated movie characters!...
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