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Diane Brown
Dec 6 & 7
This class will introduce the artist to painting on wooden cradled panels. During the first day, we will tape the sides of the wooden cradled panels, and apply three coats of gesso to the panel. The...
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Ronald Zincone
Nov 11
This course in photography basics is designed to teach and educate you on the very basics of 35mm photography with an emphasis on “digital photography” since we live in the digital age. I begin by introducing you...
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Sarah Hirsch
Oct 27 - Nov 17
Explore oil painting and learn to see colors everywhere! We will begin with some color theory and composition foundations, working with mixing exercises and still life. From there, we will move onto students’ choice of...
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Ann Bianchi
Oct 15 - Nov 5
Explore the basics of drawing Classic Still Life through practice and observation. Class exercises will introduce drawing materials, skills, pencil techniques and teach participants to “see” and reproduce realistic subjects as a work of art...
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Christy Sherman
Oct 23 & 24
Turquoise is prized for its beautiful color and patterns. Now you can make your own. Learn techniques to make faux turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli from polymer clay. Mix the perfect color, form your own shapes...
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