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Karen Murtha
January 19 - February 9
In this course we will be using a spot lit model with the goal of learning to understand the structure, proportions, and the anatomy of the human figure. It will also be important to capture...
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Betsey MacDonald
January 17 - February 7
I’m A Materials Girl! I use and love so many different drawing materials! It’s so much fun to really attack a drawing with a well chosen medium. However, for successful drawing, it’s vital to choose...
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Vicki Iannuccillo
January 16 - February 6
Set aside some time each week to continue on your artistic journey. This is an opportunity for those who have an understanding of the basics of watercolor and want to develop their skills and experiment...
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Ann Bianchi
April 25
Join us for this creative workshop of Pen and Ink artmaking with accents of color. We’ll spend quality time learning, practicing, and applying four basic valuing techniques which will provide you with the skills to complete your choice...
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Patricia Cheyne
December 6 - 13
Slow Stitch is a celebration of the longtime art of hand sewing. Slow down and enjoy this process of stitching as much as the final product. Open to all fiber artists (both beginner and experienced), this...
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Sarah Hirsch
Wednesday, August 25
In this intergenerational workshop, we’ll make books together of your family trees. We’re designing our class materials for children ages 5-9 to use with an older sibling, a grandparent, best buddy, whomever they choose. Together, you’ll be...
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