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Sarah Hirsch
July 20 - Aug 3
In this course, we will get outside and make things while learning about our local environment and how to observe nature around us. We will practice creativity in step with mindfulness and stewardship aligned with...
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Jane Robbins
July 15 - August 5
Pastel is perfectly suited to capture the reflective light, changing color, and dynamic energy where land meets sea. We will learn how to compose and paint a variety of coastal landscapes that capture these unique...
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Lisa May
August 15, 17 & 19
Our introduction to papermaking will begin with a brief history of this artistic medium. We will design armatures, that are structures that we use to apply our hand made paper. Class 2 we will...
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Olivia Watson
Saturdays, August 13 & 20
Linocut printmaking is a form of relief printmaking that can be done at home with a few tools. Students will learn best practices for carving linoleum block and making single color prints on paper. Linocut...
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Isadora Frost
July 25 - 28
Have fun walking on the sunny beach with your friends, exploring nature and feeling the ocean breeze while learning how to take great photos. In this class we will explore light and shadow, angles, perspective, composition,...
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