Ronald Zincone
Thursday, November 11
6 PM to 9 PM (1 class)
This course in photography basics is designed to teach and educate you on the very basics of 35mm photography with an emphasis on “digital photography” since we live in the digital age.  I begin by introducing you to the cameras, lenses and gear that is most needed.  In the follow-up Part 2 course, I will introduce you to the “art side” of photography called “composition” and then introduce you to the principles of “exposure” and “light”.  It is my hope that this course will get you started in photography, learn more about the art and science of “writing with light” and help eliminate any confusion or frustration you may have.  This course was created to teach you only what you need to know, the basics of photography – but basics that are important!
$50 Members $85 Non-members