Shane Gutierrez
Wednesdays, September 21 – November 2 | Skipping October 12
6:30 PM to 9 PM (6 classes)
I’ve always felt that Projects make you a better photographer. They contribute to your development as a photographer and as an artist. Projects show you have something to say about a subject beyond simply having an eye for taking a good individual photograph. The end product is a coherent body of work where the whole is greater than the parts. Pursuing a project gives you the opportunity to learn about what you are photographing, and about yourself. I will give you an 11 point plan on how to execute a photography project from beginning to end. In this course, the instructor acts as your director or curator, giving you honest feedback while your self-defined project progresses from raw thumbnails to its unveiling six weeks later. The editing process is emphasized throughout as you learn to examine your shots with a more discerning critical eye. There are many challenges when approaching a project and this class will give you a good understanding on how to start, work through and finish a photo project. It’s time for you to get beyond “shooting around.” Instead, feel the satisfaction of working in depth on a specific subject. Students need and must know how to use a digital camera and should be able to bring a jump/flash drive of their images weekly. Some type of photo editing software is a plus.
$200 Members $235 Non-members