Trish Hurley
Tuesdays & Thursdays
April 26, 28, May 3, 5
1 PM to 4 PM
Structure and form is the backbone to a good composition in plein air painting.  And Perspective is always out there in the street scenes, waiting for you!  Working out in the streets of Wickford Village, we will tackle these technical obstacles as Trish explains perspective and how to capture attractive compositions. This class will start by seeing, and understanding simple form and value of compositions.  We will start with a discussion/demo and work in pencil drawings to begin the sessions and have a midway discussion before moving onto value studies then possibly color but perfecting perspective and underpaintings will be the technical challenge to be tackled.
Caution: this is an outdoor class that will only be indoors if rain is actually coming down.
$175 Members $210 Non-members