Diane Brown
Monday & Tuesday, December 6 & 7
10 AM to 1 PM (2 classes)
This class will introduce the artist to painting on wooden cradled panels. During the first day, we will tape the sides of the wooden cradled panels, and apply three coats of gesso to the panel. The class will also create a painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper while waiting for each coat of gesso too dry. Students from previous classes can bring their favorite painting to adhere to one of the panels during the second day. If they don’t have any paintings, they will learn how to adhere the paintings they create in class at home, once they are dry. On the second day, after a demonstration of the oil & cold wax medium, artists will begin painting on one or both of their panels. A demo of how to adhere a painting to a board will also be given.
$110 Members $145 Nonmembers
$20 Supply Fee