Diane Brown
Monday & Tuesday, January 9 & 10
10am – 2pm  (2 classes)
On the first day, the class will begin with a demonstration of the Oil & Cold Wax Medium on 140 lb paper.The technique of mixing oil paint and cold wax, the use of various tools will be demonstrated, how to incorporate collage paper, the use of charcoal, graphite and other mark making tools will be used in a series of small paintings done on 22”x30” paper divided into 12 small paintings.
On the second day, Diane will show the class how to adhere a dry oil & cold wax painting to a wooden cradled panel.Students can bring their own dry paintings as well as a cradled panel to fit their work.Diane will furnish the supplies to complete this task.
$145 Members $175 Nonmembers
$20 Supply Fee