Betsey MacDonald
Thursday, April 13
9 AM – 11 (1 class)
Charcoal is one of the oldest mediums used for drawing and it’s also one of the boldest and most fun. It’s probably the messiest, too but that’s what makes it fun! You can push it around and erase it easily and it’s very velvety black. In this two hour class, we’ll do a bit of contour line drawing to help us learn to “see”. Then we’ll switch to a value study of a skull. We’ll use a subtractive method which means first setting a gray tone then erasing the lights and darkening the darks .As we draw, we’ll discuss the traits of different skulls in terms of animal lifestyles. This class is for any middle school student who likes to draw.
$40 Members $70 Non-members
$10 supply fee