Jan Armor
Saturdays, March 4 – 25
9am – 11am (4 classes)
I’ve been a photographer all my life, and a teacher for the last twenty some years. I take teaching seriously and want to help you make stronger photographs. I’ve found that it isn’t the camera that makes a “good” picture, it is you, your vision, your ability to tell a story, your heart. Expensive photo gear is great but your vision is better. Yes, you must take time to learn how to use your camera, whether it is a digital SLR or an iPhone. That’s the craft part. It is important but not the most important. This class is not about how to use your Canon, or your Nikon, or your iPhone camera. It’s about your vision. This part comes from your creative self, and that is what this class is all about, creativity, about making, not just taking, great pictures. I’ll ask you to take some risks. I hope to prod and cajole you out of your comfort zone so you go to places you haven’t been before. And speaking about going places, as National Geo photographer Jim Richardson once said, “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” We will do that, go on several photo adventures and stand in front of “some interesting stuff” together.Notes:
Any DSLR camera will do but an iPhone or Android phone preferred
You should be familiar with the controls on your camera or phone
You must be able to walk about a quarter mile
Location photography sessions may run slightly over two hours
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