To see examples of 2D Animation click on the image. The work shown was created by Brian O’Malley and students in his college classes. SUPER COOL!

Brian O’Malley
Tuesdays, Feb 8 – March 1
6 PM to 9 PM (4 classes)
Are you interested in 2D Animation? Interested in building your own little world with paper, pens, pencils, stylus and a smartphone or tablet? Then sign up for this course and begin to explore the potential of moving images with just a few resources. It all starts with a pencil, black pen and paper. Then we add a smartphone or tablet to produce short clips that you can share on social media channels and add to your portfolio.  This class is suitable for ages 16 and up. Older adults who would like to learn some technology while utilizing traditional 2D techniques will also benefit from this class.
$160 Members $195 Non-members