September 2018 Featured Artist – Susan Aitcheson

Hiking and Painting

As an architect, shaping buildings and working with three-dimensional space in ways that are aesthetically pleasing has greatly influenced my sense of shaping space as a painter on a two-dimensional surface. I try to draw the viewer, as I would in architectural design, through both vast and intimate spaces, small to large, large to small, and toward light or into darkness, to create for the viewer a dynamic experience on canvas. Where does the light take you and what is the relationship of scale – can you feel it? What is the dimension of your experience in a big sky or small garden scene?

We being our passions into our art, as I do, engaging my love for travel – time spent hiking, camping and kayaking in my work. With an impressionistic feel I transpose this depth of space and texture of the plant world to my landscape painting. Emotions experienced outdoors I call to mind, express them in my art, and hope to convey this wild beauty of mountains, rivers, seashores, forest landscapes to my audience.
Susan Aitcheson
East Greenwich, RI
Instagram: @susanaitcheson
Facebook: SusanAitchesonArtist