Poetry and Art

September 22 - October 15, 2017

Friday, September 22, 6:30-8:30pm

Wickford Art Association is continuing the process of ekphrasis - writing inspired by art in the 5th Annual Poetry & Art. An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art. This exhibit will showcase 40 works of art and 40 original poems inspired by those works of art. A limited edition book cataloging the exhibit will be published and available for sale.

Forty pieces of fine art were selected by juror Cindy Wilson for this exhibit. Poets from a wide variety of organizations were invited to submit poems to be reviewed by juror Kim Baker. Each accepted poet created an original poem in response to the assigned piece of artwork. Fine art and poems will be displayed side by side in the gallery during the exhibit. 

Poets and artists will not meet until just prior to the opening, heightening the excitement for this annual exhibit at the Wickford Art Association. Poetry readings will take place during the opening reception on Friday September 22, 2017 as well. The opening reception is free and open to the public. We look forward to seeing you! 

5th Annual Poetry & Art Committee

Congratulations to the 2017 Poetry & Art People's Choice Winners!
Art - George Salter for his image "The Card Game"              
Poetry - Sharon Alexander for her poem "The Card Game"  

"The Card Game"
by Sharon Alexander

Tense and taut, about two-thirty under fall skies, sit opponents tallying their
next move at the teal table.
Hovering over shoulders, hardy onlookers surround players during the heated
game, hoping to hop in a seat—a quick haven, hidden from the hassles at home.
Every eagle eye, stares eagerly at the elders playing effortlessly with ease and
elegance, earnest in thought, eluding that last card.
Capricious game of bid-whist captivates faces with challenging cards clutched in
hand cautiously cede, cheat? chafing with chance.
Ablaze with abounding adeptness, Al adamantly absorbs the play at hand,
accomplishing an absolute sweep with accuracy.
Relentlessly, another rants with a raspy voice; regretfully he recedes
himself he can rally and recover.
Donned in jeans and jackets, ‘Deal me in’, declares one defiantly, defending and
demonstrating his moves, determined to win ’n’ cause another downfall.
Grinning, with eyes gleaming and teeth glistening in the sun—Al goes with his
gut, glowing as he goads on the gracious guy in the midst of the group.
Adrenaline’s rushing, admonishing his opponents, aged, all adorned with grey
hair, years of accuracy, anticipating another day to ace it!
Magically, he masterfully masks his hand, manages his match ’mongst macho
men who dream that play of melodious music in their minds.
Eight comrades seated, one stands erect; late on edge, all engaged as encircled
embers, emitting energy, like an ensemble essay.