Landscapes, Real or Imagined

March 9 to April 1, 2018
Juror: Cindy Baron
Fine art mediums, other than photography.

Juror's statement: It is such an honor to judge a show and also very hard to select paintings to represent the show. I so enjoyed seeing all the paintings entered in the Wickford Art Association, each and everyone was artistically displayed and showed a passion for your craft. Please never be deterred if your painting was not selected or did not receive an award. Sometime it is space accommodations that determine how many paintings that can be accepted.

Choosing which paintings to receive an award is determined by a few factors. Composition, design, value harmony, creativity and execution are all things we look for in a good painting. The top 3 paintings have captured all the elements and was hard to choose which order of award.

1st Place
“Beach Day” an oil by Pati Sylvia showed great design, painterly execution and perspective depth. You can see the joy and movement of the beach goers and rhythm of the clouds that keep your eye moving through the painting.

2nd Place
“Beavertail Morning” a pastel by Susan Aitcheson captured the movement of water that is very hard to paint. Application of the pastels and harmony gave the viewer the knowledge that the artist has studied water and its movement especially in the breaking wave in the distance. So vibrant and realistic are the colors in the wave.

3rd Place
“Snowgrass Happiness” an acrylic by MaryAnn Ead was exquisitely executed in design and application of the medium. A very complex painting that captured the tall grasses and the way the wind would blow them into a beautiful composition.

Honorable Mention
“Field of Color” an oil by Linda Finnerty really captures the colors of flowers you would see in a field of greens. Love the impressionist approach, yet the touch of realism with the flowers.

Honorable Mention
“Bemused” a soft pastel by Sharon Levebvre kept me coming back to view the painting. The moonlight and the reflection in the glimpse of water on the ground kept the eye moving through the whole painting.

Juror’s Award
“Low Desert” by Christine Mulcahey, perfect harmony and movement in the painting, very pleasing and inviting to the eye.

Juror’s Award"
“Marsh Colors” a collage by Nancy Virbila, is a beautifully crafted mixed media composition. Loved the design, color harmony and movement of the eye through the painting.

Accepted entry pickup: Tuesday, April 3, 11 AM to 6 PM