19 on Paper

January 12 to February 4, 2018

Reception: Sun, Jan 14, 2018   1 to 3 PM

In the spring of 1986, two artists decided to form a group whose purpose was "to provide a cohesive structure for the presentation of works on paper by Rhode Island artists." When nineteen professional exhibiting artists responded to the call for colleagues, the name of the group became "19 on Paper". In the ensuing years the membership has expanded beyond Rhode Island, but the number of members has been maintained at approximately nineteen, although at times it has consisted of fewer or more than nineteen.

Members of 19 on Paper are painters, collage artists, printmakers, book artists, photographers, digital artists and sculptors. As a group, 19 on Paper has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums in New England and abroad. Individual artists of 19 on Paper have exhibited worldwide and several are published in a variety of print media.

The mission of 19 on Paper is to promote an appreciation of art created on or with paper through exhibitions and portfolios and to provide for sharing, networking, and professional growth among its members.

Press: North Kingstown Standard Times